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Creative, fun and joyful is the definition of this new collection, where colorful details give life and create emotions, where the combination of materials and the simplest elements represent the elegance of Corso.

After more than a decade of designing a unique experience, the launch of these pieces is our manifesto. It is our vision in the design industry, the reflection of our work and our purpose.

A collection that captures the trajectory of the brand, inspired by the culture of the Maharajas; the princes of Southern Asia who loved luxury and opulence. The abstraction of everything that Corso stands for and represents to transform it into unique and different pieces, a way of expression, a watershed. The same essence and value, but with exclusive designs and materials.

Our New Collection represents a new era, thanks to years of design and the search for perfection in the processes to fulfill the brand's commitment to strengthen the value of craftsmanship and the materials involved.

A proposal that merges the world of fashion with artisanal techniques, where each piece involves a unique selection; each emerald, each diamond, ruby, sapphire or tourmaline has a reason and meets the balance and beauty of what this collection needs to convey. 

Like the creation of a diamond, this new design perspective emerges from compiling the necessary elements and pressing them together until they fuse. The result?— an utterly unique proposal; our Signature Collection.

Captivating designs that transmit to all our senses. An exquisiteness of colors, scents and flavors that represent the need to keep them all. This is the other side of our brand, our design as art. This is our fashion statement, where classic meets contemporaneity.

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