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After a year of success, the story ends in the best possible way. Corso enthusiastically celebrates the opening of its new location at the Chihuahua International Airport.

Recognized for our constant pursuit of excellence and celebration of meticulous ancient processes, we are pleased to take another step into the future by opening this new space designed for those who appreciate authenticity and attention to detail.

With more than 17 locations in Mexico, now in Chihuahua you will discover a selection of our most distinctive collections. From pieces made with the highest quality natural materials to delicate designs that come to life thanks to 14 and 18 carat gold. We celebrate our multicultural essence, and that is why each piece tells a story that reflects our passionate dedication to what we do.

The boutique at the Chihuahua International Airport embodies the very essence of Corso, fusing opulence with innovation. The architectural design is a testament to our dedication to creating spaces that go beyond the conventional.

To those who have already explored the World of Corso, we express our sincere gratitude for your continued trust and extend a warm welcome to this new chapter in our history at Chihuahua International Airport.

We look forward to sharing this moment with you. We invite you to meet us at your next destination and join us in the numerous projects on the horizon for 2024, where we will personify the maximum expression of luxury in Mexico and the world.

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