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Inspired by the beauty of the past and the richness behind every story told by ancient civilizations; is how Corso brings to life a culminating story.

A love like the beaming Sun and the searing fire. Two lovers fated to live a story that would extend through eternity. Veiled inside a myth, Love is not only a feeling, but a majestic being with a delicate task: To sweep the hearts of two strangers into the glistening dream of everlasting love.

Born from the Gods of Beauty and War, Eros becomes the perpetual testimony that Love is as solid as it is mesmerizing, therefore the most powerful medium to create or to destroy.

Armed with arrows made of gold, Eros fulfilled his duty to bear affection to ephemeral or eternal souls. No one was able to resist his blazing grasp, not even himself.

He fell in love with an earthborn princess named Psyche, a kind of love so pristine not even the sharp blade of his arrows could have managed to attain. He loved her with the mighty strength of a thousand warriors and the blissful beauty of life itself.

The object of his affection enchanted every mortal and immortal with her hypnotizing allure, stirring bitterness and envy in the heart of his mother, the great Venus, Goddess of beauty. This strife forced the lovers to meet only by night, seeking refuge under the shimmering sky.

Curiosity becomes Psyche's enemy when the need to see her beloved's face leads her to betray his trust. He vanishes to Mt. Olympus leaving her with a duty of her own: To find strength within herself to seek redemption in the most dreadful circumstances.

The story of Eros and Psyche, although filled with wrath, mischief and envy, echoes through time carrying an undeniable fact: Love prevails. Against all odds and after defeating many despicable plans to tear them apart, the pure love of the couple creates a never ending story, bound to be retold for life.

In Corso, we seek to transmit memories of the past and relive stories that are part of what we know nowadays. We are inspired to unite people with what comes before them, to learn and be part of it.

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