A Mother's prevailing love is always worth celebrating. Anywhere you are, remember I love you.


The very first love in our lives comes from the one who created us. A love so strong and unwavering was bound to be alluded to in every culture of humanity. No matter the time or place, or the many historical events evolving the world at the time, we can always find a representation of Mother’s Love in the world’s artistry. 

 A special representation that transcended its time is the Celtic Knot, a millenary design conceived by the Celt civilization that has no apparent start or finish, showing the deep eternal love of a Mother and her child.

Although brimming with different meanings, this Love Knot widely showcases the close bond of this relationship as well as the brief eternity of life itself, and the protagonic place the love of a Mother takes in it. 

Different depictions of love and motherhood created by ancient civilizations still surround us to this day, faithfully following the idea that this prevailing love has remained the strongest myth in history for centuries.

In every culture, remember I love you.

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