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Forged by the past, this private collection represents the acquisition of a piece of history and connects us through time. This is a collection of emblematic pieces with millenary meanings, unique treasures that continue to create stories and express who we are in the present.

By joining 14-carat gold mountings and ancient coins from different cultures around the world is how our Heritage Collection becomes one of our most symbolic creations. Greek and Roman coins, from 386 BC-AD 390, one of a kind fragments of history that became wearable art.

Every bit of the past means something in the present. Every historical event is part of our legacy. 

Back in the day, coins were the way in which information traveled faster. At that time, they were the easiest way to communicate the authority that ruled empires. They were the method the conquerors used to transcend their dominion and the way they transmitted their image. Because of that, these coins are usually recognized by being engraved with portraits, cities, sacred events or deities.

Our Heritage treasures have an increasing value thanks to their historical significance, an intangible perception of wealth that they inherit from time. These pieces are usually only seen in museums and are classified by the level of engraving, rareness and uniqueness, purity of the metal and the time period.

This Collection means unique designs, centuries-old unique relics of history from the most ancient cultures, an iconic statement that reflects our history as art and our jewelry as legacy.

Discover the ancient coins of our exclusive collection.

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