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Inspired by history and brought to life using original antique coins from Spanish shipwrecks, this iconic collection pays tribute to those treasures submerged and protected by the depths of the sea.

Created with 14 karat gold and coins minted between AD 1500-1800, a collection of unique pieces with a historical legacy that turns each one into a masterpiece comes to life.

The Spanish real was a silver coin used between the 14th and 19th centuries. During this period due to the power of the Empire; The monetary system of the peninsula was based on this currency. These reales began to be minted in Spain by the Crown of Castile, until voyages to the new continent took them to other parts of the world.

Thanks to the growth of the Spanish Empire and its importance for so long, these treasures traveled from one place to another, exposing themselves to the risks involved in sailing. This is how today many Spanish galleons loaded with silver and gold continue as shipwrecks; And this is how some of these unique treasures, hidden by the oceans, have been recovered and are part of our Shipwreck collection.

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