More than a decade ago, the talent, perseverance and adventurous spirit of Samuel Casillas brought to life Corso, a Mexican artisan jewelry brand that has revolutionized the concept of luxury in Mexico.

To date, the brand has managed to position itself as one of the best in the country and has impacted international audiences with branches around the world.

The brand's inspiration comes from nature itself and its convergence with humanity, the development of the world we know over thousands of years and all the stories that remain to be told. We seek to find the balance between the ethnic and the contemporary, value the beauty of the natural and find ourselves being part of the world's legacy.

Being able to tell a story with each Corso piece and provide the customer with an impeccable experience is what motivates us to continue growing, but it is the dedication and daily effort of executives and artisans that breaks the barriers of the impossible and makes it a reality. .