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Fans of pirate stories have very high esteem for Treasure Island, the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson that tells the adventures of an expedition that sets out in search of Captain Flint's treasure, buried on a remote island. However, we all know that very few pirates did something similar and that it was normal for them to spend their loot in the first port they landed in or, if it was really substantial, return home to buy honorability with gold doubloons. eight and silver ingots.

However, there were always exceptions, and one of them is that of the bloody pirate Montbars. It is said that this pirate, known in his time as The Exterminator for the ferocity of his attacks on Spanish ships, buried the fruit of his plunder in a cave that is hidden at one end of the Anse du Gouverneur, one of the most beautiful beaches. beautiful Saint Barth .

As in any good story, his treasure has never been found since it is protected by the lost soul of the sailor who helped him in the task and who was killed so that he would not reveal the hiding place. That's why when you jump off the ferry from Saint Martin, or land at the small airfield hidden among the hills, you feel like you can go in search of this and other hidden treasures.


When Columbus sighted this island, he baptized it with the name of his brother Bartholomew's saint, although many centuries before the first settlers who arrived at this refuge for birds and pelicans had given it the name Ounalao. The French settled in Saint Barthélemy, henceforth Saint Barthélemy.

Saint Barth is a small garden in the middle of the sea. And very different from almost all the other Caribbean islands. The population is completely white, and history books remember that they are mostly descended from ancient Norman and Breton settlers, who built small farms instead of large plantations. The ruggedness of the territory did not allow it, and that is why they did not bring black slaves like they did to other islands.

Thus, St. Barth seems like a tropical version of the Côte d'Azur, a kind of Caribbean Saint Tropez, a tiny piece of French chic bathed in the brightest sun. The landscape is designed with small villas scattered throughout the hills, luxury hotels made up of cabins hidden under the palm trees of secluded beaches, and the port of Gustavia, perfect for photos, full of sailboats in its calm waters.


When Christopher Columbus arrived on this island, he had already discovered so many islands that it was not difficult to name them. So he checked the date, consulted the saints' calendar and decided that this island would be called Saint Martin, in honor of the archbishop of Tours. It is said that this saint divided his cloak in two to shelter a pilgrim who was on the verge of hypothermia.

Located in the Caribbean Sea a few kilometers from Puerto Rico, This island is a curious case in the Caribbean . First of all, it is one of the smallest geographical territories in the world, yet the territory is located Divided into two parts or nations , the northern part belongs to France and as such is called St. Martin , while the southern part corresponds to the Dutch territory and is named St. Maarten , both territories live off tourism, an activity of excellence, since we must say that the geographical conditions are exceptional.

"The Island of 36 beaches" is how Saint Martin could be called, since it has 36 beaches that border the entire territory with beautiful landscapes and extensive vegetation, among the best known are Baie Lucas beach, La Baie de L 'embouchure and Baie Longue, each and every one of these of different sizes and types.

It is the Smallest island in the Caribbean Sea , but not the least intense. There, between the fine sand beaches and crystal clear waters, are some of the largest and most famous mansions in the world, but without a doubt the most curious thing about the island is the location of the Princess Juliana Airport, It is so close to the coast that it is practically inevitable not to take a photograph of the planes landing.


Considered one of the last strongholds of the Carib Indians, Saint Vincent was sighted by Columbus on January 22, 1498, who named it that way because he landed there on Saint Vincent's Day. The name of the Grenadines refers to the Spanish city of Granada , but to differentiate itself from the island of the same name , the diminutive was used.

Before the arrival of the Spanish, the Carib aborigines who inhabited the island of Saint Vincent called it Youloumain , in honor of Youlouca, the spirit of rainbows, who they believed inhabited the island. And until the late 1700s it was under European control.

After enjoying the black sand beaches of mountainous Saint Vincent, especially in the bays of Villa and India Bay, where most of the resorts are located, the contrast with the whitish sands of the Grenadines produces a great visual contrast.


Martinique is an island with the status of a French overseas department located north of Saint Lucia, in the waters of the Caribbean Sea (as such, it constitutes an outermost region of the European Union). Like the other overseas departments, Martinique is one of the eighteen regions of France, is an integral part of the French Republic and its currency is the euro. The official language is French, but the population also speaks Martinican Creole (créole martiniquais).

Christopher Columbus was the first European navigator to reach the island on June 15, 1502. But, except for three occasions when it has been briefly occupied by other nations, the island has remained under French rule since its colonization in 1635.


Guadeloupe is a small archipelago in the Antilles, in the Caribbean Sea that forms an overseas region of France and an outermost region of the European Union. It is located 600 km north of the coast of South America and southeast of the Dominican Republic. It was formerly called Karukera, which meant "the island of beautiful waters."

Christopher Columbus gave it its current name in honor of the Virgin Saint Mary of Guadalupe, Extremadura, Spain. Popularly, in local Creole culture it is called Gwada.


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