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Mahahual (also Majahual) is a town in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. The name comes from Agua de la majagua (majagua: plant name for water).


Mahahual is located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, belongs to the municipality of Othón P. Blanco, and its name comes from a family of trees typical of the area. It is located near the "Arrecifes de Xcalak" Marine Park, along with Río Huach, Bacalar and Chetumal.

One of the main attractions of Mahahual is its proximity to Chinchorro Bank, a coral atoll declared a nature reserve, and the second largest barrier reef in the world (after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia).

This reef is located in the Caribbean Sea off the coasts of Quintana Roo and Belize, and has enormous biodiversity, extremely attractive for diving. Likewise, it is surrounded by large areas of virgin jungle.


Mahahual is, to date, a place that has been rebuilt and enabled to offer services for visitors interested in getting to know this small town.
Hurricane Dean severely damaged the community of Mahahual in August 2007; However, residents worked hard to recover and build the "New Mahahual", which includes the largest public beach in Quintana Roo, and a walkway of around 1700 m, where beachfront restaurants also pay dividends. the residents because they offer fish and lobster from the region.
Diving and sport fishing are the main economic activities left by tourists who, attracted by the calm and tranquility, as well as by its spectacular beaches, will be satisfied with the beauty of the place.
Its proximity to the second largest barrier reef in the world, the Chinchorro Bank, and the fact that it is surrounded by virgin jungle with spectacular biodiversity, make Mahahual a site of interest for ecotourists and divers from all over the world.


It is the Mahahual cruise terminal. This port is the second most important in terms of cruise ship arrivals nationwide, followed by the Port of Cozumel, both in the state of Quintana Roo.

Costa Maya is a stopover to satisfy the needs and whims of all tourists, it has beach clubs, shops, different gastronomic options to pamper the palate and have something delicious and of course, it also offers tours to the closest destinations, such as They are La Laguna de los Siete Colores de Bacalar or the nearby Archaeological Zones, such as Chacchobén.

Costa Maya also includes an urban development and a water park that has positioned itself as one of the favorite activities in all of Mahahual.

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