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Multiculturalism is the existence of diverse cultures that coexist in the same physical, geographic or social space. It encompasses all the differences that are framed within culture, whether religious, linguistic, racial, ethnic or gender.

In the past, multiculturalism manifested itself in the presence of different civilizations with their own set of cultural manifestations. These concern a wide spectrum of circumstances, integrating everything from language to religion, through their way of relating, the mode of economic production they have, the degree and form of their artistic development, etc. When these civilizations interact with each other, different phenomena can occur, including peaceful coexistence. Sometimes, there may even be the case in which the interaction generates a kind of process that gradually eliminates differences and generates a kind of common culture.

The symbols

A symbol is an image that represents an idea, which comprises a universal truth that is not necessarily the same, it depends on the culture and the environment. Fire, for example, symbolizes the sun in certain cultures and on the other hand, the masculine vital force, so to speak. In simpler terms, a symbol is: When in the same culture a certain sign has more than one meaning, it becomes a symbol. Since ancient times, symbology has referred to the cosmos, fertility, death, renewal, but the arrival of psychoanalysis made practically any idea or object become a symbol from the perspective of the psyche, in this way a shadow can be considered a symbol of internal insecurity.

The fact that some symbols appear in different parts of the world gives rise to debate about their origin. Did they arise spontaneously from human impulses or are they the result of the transmission of ideas between different cultures? We have more and more information about the traveling practice in the ancient world. Trade routes crossed the land, and religious ideas, artistic styles. At the same time that goods and ideas were exchanged, the same thing happened with symbols, which took on meaning far from their place of origin.

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