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When the excitement is lost and we forget the novelty, when the path seems infinite and the obstacles remain firm; That's when every effort counts.

Many years ago in Ancient Asia, the river of Heaven and the river of Earth were divided by what was known as the Dragon Gate. To cross, it was necessary to swim against the current and climb a large waterfall. Species of all kinds swam through these rivers, with the koi fish being the only one willing to try to cross from one side to the other again and again. After years of effort guided by his determination, a single koi fish managed to reach the top. Upon being recognized by the gods, he became a great golden dragon.

Thanks to its drive and perseverance, the koi fish represents strength, determination, courage and transformation.

The dedication and knowledge acquired are the result of a transformation instructed by persistence. All the symbology behind the koi fish translates into wisdom. The wise person knows the effort involved in achieving a goal and the certainty of achieving it through effort.

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