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This is one of the most important steps in the entire crafting process.
Inspiration for designs can arise unexpectedly from any daily detail, nature, a life experience or travel.
Materials such as leather, wood and gemstones also play an important role in the design process. After analyzing all the different ideas, the first sketches are created. These are quickly transformed to become a common concept from which a new piece will be born.


The designs are brought to life by modelers who work the metal in an artisanal way until they achieve an original and unique shape. Manual work is essential for the piece to breathe and obtain a very special texture, which can only be achieved through a metal alloy.


Once the designer has created the masterpiece, the production department will be the one to reproduce it. In the first stage of this process, all the pieces undergo a fusion stage to be subsequently coated with rhodium, metallic gold or other metals for a final individual manual assembly. The final pieces always go under strict quality controls to guarantee the long life of all products.

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