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Legend has it that the Mayans scattered thirteen carved skulls around the world, which they inherited from the inhabitants of the legendary Atlantis before their continent sank into the sea; and that, when these are found and gathered in one place, it will be the time in which the wisdom of the Atlanteans will be transmitted to humanity.

One version also says that each skull corresponds to one of the thirteen worlds that were inhabited by human beings. The last of these thirteen worlds would be ours. That is why it is said that there are 12+1 skulls, which were brought and distributed throughout the Earth to gather information about our learning and answer for our existence.

Currently, there are several of these skulls displayed in the showcases of different museums around the world, and at least eight of the thirteen have already been discovered. They are in different hands and each of them has been baptized with its own name, according to the specialist in the matter, Ellie Crystal.

The best known is the SKULL OF DOOM Skull, also called the “Skull of Destiny” or “Skull of Destiny”. Its appearance and measurements are almost exact replicas of the human skull. It is made from a single piece of the purest quartz crystal and has an articulated jaw; It has almost no imperfections. Due to its shape and size, it is presumed to be a female skull.

skull of doom

In 1919, Frederick Albert Mitchell-Hedge, a British adventurer, traveled to Belize with his daughter Anna. Near that city, they discovered an archaeological area among the ruins of the Mayan city of Lubaantun. Mitchell-Hedge was searching for some vestige that would confirm the existence of Atlantis, until on the seventeenth birthday of his adopted daughter Anna (1/1/1924), peering through the ruins of a temple, she saw a beam of light between the stones. By moving the blocks, they were able to unearth a fascinating skull. This experience is narrated by Mitchell-Hedge on his website.
Legend has it that there were about 300 Indians working in the excavations. When the skull appeared on the surface, all of them knelt with admiration and respect before it, and kissed the ground with recollection.

Scientists today have no clear answers about how perfectly the skull was carved. Today, there is no tool capable of sculpting such a piece because it was made with a single piece of the purest crystal, and carved against the natural axis of the rock. There is no evidence or trace that suggests that any metal tool had been used. For this reason, there are people who allude to its creation to extraterrestrial beings. Mitchell-Hedges, for his part, maintained that it must have taken the Mayans about 150 years, working every day of their lives, generation after generation, rubbing a huge block of glass with sand until the perfect skull was completed.

In 1970, Anna and the Mitchell-Hedges family delivered the skull to Hewlett Packard laboratories for careful scientific study. Said laboratory, after extensive examinations, demonstrated that the skull was made with a single block of glass and that even, with all current technology, it would be impossible to make another one like it.
Another of the crystal skulls is in the Museum of Mankind, at the British Museum in London, England. This skull, called the “British Skull,” is considered a twin to the “Skull of Destiny.” Its difference is that the so-called “British” one has a fixed jaw.

Historians think that both skulls were made by the same hands. The British Museum acquired it from the New York jeweler Tiffany's in 1998. Tiffany's did not know how, or did not want to, explain where it had gotten it from.

The SHA-NA-RA skull was found in Mexico in 1995. It is said that psychic techniques were used to find out where it was. Nick Nocerino, its owner, founded the Parapsychological Research Institute. The research group has compiled a lot of information about each of the skulls found, which are arranged by age, according to specialist Ellie Crystal's website.


MAYAN Skull: Discovered in Guatemala in 1912. This skull is carved in quartz and belongs to a supposed “Mayan Monk”. It was also studied scientifically at Hewlett-Packard.

LAZULI Skull: Carved in lapis lazuli. Discovered in 1995 in northern Peru by indigenous Incas. A nearby tribe claimed it was the work of “evil spirits.”

JESUIT Skull: There has been news of it since 1534. Saint Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, had it in his possession. They say it attracts all kinds of birds.
SHUI TING ER Skull: Carved in amazonite. It was discovered 130 years ago by Chinese archaeologist Yeng Fo Huu in southwestern Mongolia.


OCEANA Skull: Sculpted in quartz. It belonged to a Brazilian farmer who lives in a remote region of the Amazon. It is believed that it was discovered by the indigenous people. In 2004 it was donated to the Mineral Museum by a Brazilian jewelry distributor.
ET Skull: Discovered in 1906 in Guatemala. It is smoky quartz. It is characterized by the pointed shape of the skull and pronounced jaw. It has certain air not humane. It is part of the private collection of Broma Van Dietan. Joke travels the world to share the supposed healing powers that the skull possesses.

skull et

Skull MAX: The largest known crystal skull, discovered in Guatemala. It is believed that it was used in rituals to heal. It is also called the Texas Crystal Skull. It passed through the hands of a Tibetan spiritualist JoAnn Parks of Houston, Texas. The family allows Max to visit and has lent her to do several exhibitions in the US.
Compassion Skull: It is a discovery of the moment. Maya Shaman and Elder Hunbatz Men said she was of Atlantean origin when they first examined her at the Crystal Skull Conference.
BABY LUV Skull: Made of rose quartz, discovered in 1700 by a monk from the Luov monastery (Ukraine).


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