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The artistic and cultural movement that developed between the 17th and 18th centuries has served as inspiration for many fashion brands today; The shapes, materials, colors, and ostentation have been the references for the creations of the designers of these great fashion houses, but what is BAROQUE?


Detail of the vault of the temple of Santa María La Blanca, in Spain

Detail of the vault of the temple of Santa María la Blanca, in Spain

The baroque was a period in the history of Western culture, originated by a new way of perceiving the arts, which occurred mainly in Western Europe and even spread to some parts of America due to colonialism.

Although it is usually understood as a specific artistic period, aesthetically the term “Baroque” also indicates any artistic style opposed to classicism.

Plan of the Temple of Saint Peter in the Vatican, By Michelangelo Buonarroti

It is a period in which several works were carried out in all fields of the arts as we know them today. This period begins in the year 1600 and lasts until approximately 1750. In the Baroque, very elegant and fine elements were used. It is a cultural movement where ornamentation, decoration and decorative art have great influence, and almost everything is based on purely decorative items.

In baroque art they were mainly dedicated to enhancing the human figure but not in its idealized form, but in any aspect, whether ugly, sublime or everyday, and they used it as a means to bring out emotions, mainly pain and psychological feelings, not only in painting but also in music and sculpture.

Marble sculptures by Gian Lorenzo Bernini with Greek mythology themes


Portrait of King Louis XIV

It is distinguished by garments that are very spacious and very ornate, the use of brightly colored silk brocades and lace.

King Louis

The crossing with the Rococo style that emerged some time after the Baroque creates a style full of luxuries and eccentricism.

At the time, the baroque was characterized to give a sense of exuberance and luxury to families that had a certain degree of elite and influence in society , this as a way of being recognized and expressing their luxuries; In fashion it has a great boom as it is admired for its elegance and way of attracting attention, which, through lace, feathers, crystals and excess accessories, obtains an extremist image full of art and beauty.

Common aristocratic clothing in the 17th-18th centuries

Like every artistic movement, the baroque can continue its legacy as a repetitive style that is often not well appreciated or used, since aesthetically it must highlight the realism of its composition, the objectivity of the era it wants to project, the everyday nature of the design, the inclusion of avant-garde colors along with embroidery and elegant gold, manifesting an exalted vision of concepts for their final expression.

The Baroque is a refined and ornate style at the same time , with a taste for the ostentatious and that in recent years has been revitalized by many fashion houses, which, through accessories and clothing, make its influence remarkably eye-catching.

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